The Association takes the position that all farm animal exhibitors have a responsibility to ensure a high standard of animal welfare for all animals in their care. 

Additionally, the Association understands that state and local regulatory authorities assess the members’ compliance with relevant regulations, and undertake their obligations for welfare inspections as required. 


All  exhibitors in NSW must be authorised by the Department of Industry and Investment New South Wales.

This ensures all animals are held and displayed in accordance with strict animal husbandry and welfare guidelines, ensuring the animals welfare is a priority at all times. For more information on license guidelines, please visit this link:

Click on the button for a continually updated guide to best practise animal health. This guide specifically covers young orphaned farm animals who are not receiving the benefits of being with their mother.


Animal Care Australia provides education to our members, the general public and government to encourage responsible pet ownership, and the respectful treatment of all animals in our community.

ACA Objectives

  • To represent Animal Care Groups as the peak Animal Welfare body

  • To engage Government on all levels of Animal Welfare issues

  • To provide expert Animal Welfare advice to legislators

  • To clarify the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

  • To promote higher Animal Welfare outcomes

  • To support grass roots hobbyists / animal keepers

  • To develop strategies and educate the general public in the best care for all animals

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